Ignition Interlock Devices in New Jersey

A conviction for a second or third DWI conviction will result in either a revocation of vehicle registration or a mandate that the driver install an ignition interlock device. A first time DWI offender can be ordered to install such a device if the judge decides it is necessary. Typically the judge will order that the device be installed for a period of six months to one year after the driver gets his driver’s license back following a suspension.

The driver is only permitted to drive a vehicle that has an interlock device installed. There will be a notation on the driver’s license indicating the requirement of an interlock device. Driving a vehicle without an interlock device or starting the vehicle by circumventing the device will result in an additional one year suspension.

The interlock device requires the driver to blow into the device before the vehicle can be operated. If the device indicates that the drivers BAC is 0.05% or higher the vehicle will not be operable. If the driver gets someone else to blow into the device the driver is subject to an additional suspension and the person who blew into the device is subject to a disorderly persons criminal offense.

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