Tips on Saving Your New Jersey License

Experienced New Jersey DUI Defense Attorneys

License suspension sometimes occurs after a DWI/DUI conviction charge. Some people may feel it is worth the risk to try driving without a license. But this can make your legal problems exponentially increase. Being convicted of driving without a license can add time to the previous suspension, add a $500 fine and will need to serve jail time. Hiring a professional New Jersey DWI lawyer to deal with your DWI conviction as well as your suspended license is in your best interest. An experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer can look at various different factors to help possibly overturn your convictions, such as looking over the testimony and reports for discrepancies, checking the accuracy of the breath test, evaluating the accuracy of the field test performed, and many more.

At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., our experienced Cherry Hill DWI attorneys will check all the tests, testimony and reports and fight to help save your driver’s license. Don’t settle for sub par legal representation when your future could be at stake. Contact our law firm anytime, even on nights and weekends, and use our free initial consultation to discuss your case with a highly skilled attorney at 732-773-2768.

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